EXPOSURE Spark MK4 Front Light & Recharger Pack - 255 Lumen  £61.99

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  • The Exposure Spark Mk4 Front Light with QR mount/lanyard and rechargeable batteries can create 255 lumens and is powered by rechargeable CR123 batteries for a burntime that is literally never ending. 
  • Ideal for commuting its tiny size still includes great Exposure technical features such has ITM and a Fuel Gauge. 
  • Exposure Lights have always been designed to get the maximum light from minimum sized unit and Cable Free Design ensures this is maintained. Utilising superb brackets Exposure Lights attach quickly, safely and securely for hassle free riding.
  • Exposure’s Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM) is patented technology which constantly monitors the LED’s temperature to ensure that they do not overheat and become inefficient. 
  • ITM keeps the LEDs operating at the optimum output, saving battery power and maximising burntime. The function button doubles as the classic Exposure Lights fuel gauge, displaying the remaining battery life using a traffic light system to make it clear when it’s time to recharge or replace.
  • Max Output - 255 lumens
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