Enduro 71806 (7806) Angular Contact ABEC 5 Bearing - (BB30)  £16.99

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  • Enduro's ABEC 5 is the next performance step up from the popular ABEC 3 range. By using military level, high precision HRC-64 hardended Grade 5 Chromium Steel Balls, and 52100 High-Carbon Chromium-Alloy mirror polished races. This combination allows Enduro's ABEC 5 bearings to use tolerances twice as tight as ABEC 3, and operate without any noise. The Graphite/Nylon ball retainers allow virtually frictionless movement and provide constant lubrication to maximise the life of the bearing.
  • Bearing Code: 71806
  • NB - this is an internal angular contact version of 6806 - it will take vertical and horizontal loads - an answer to get longer life from a BB30 bottom bracket. For BB30 bottom bracket installations the side with the orange seal should face outwards, and the side with the black seal faces inwards. 
  • Dimensions: 30mm x 42mm x 7mm
  • ABEC: 5
  • Grade: 5
  • Seals: LLB
  • Grease: Kyodo Yushi PS-2
  • Application: Hubs, Bottom Brackets
  • Weight - 22.37g

N.B. Colour of bearing seal may differ depending on availability from the supplier.