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31155EB8105Auf Lager15 x 26 x 7 Bearing
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  • The entry standard for Enduro bearings. Enduro’s ABEC 3 bearings offer improved quality and performance over ABEC 1 bearings fitted by many OE manufacturers. Only the finest cycling components come standard with Enduro’s ABEC 3 bearings. With hardened chromium steel races, balls, and tough riveted steel retainers, these bearings are durable and the perfect low cost performance upgrade.
  • Bearing Code: MR 15267.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 26 x 7mm.
  • ABEC: 3 .
  • Grade: 10.
  • Seals: LLB.
  • Grease: Mobile HP 222.
  • Application: Hubs, Bottom Brackets.
  • Weight - 11.2g.

N.B. Colour of bearing seal may differ depending on availability from the supplier.

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