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Before Exercise.

Wearing COMPRESSPORT® while preparing the muscles before a race or a training session will accelerate the warm-up process and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

** By pressing the veins, COMPRESSPORT® compression clothing improves venous return towards the heart - exactly like the pressure applied to the bottom of a toothpaste`s tube, causing the paste to move up and out of the tube. Consequently, overall blood circulation is increased thus improving muscle oxygenation, preventing swelling and guaranteeing athletes a feeling of light and fresh legs.

During Exercise

Wearing COMPRESSPORT® while running will be beneficial as muscular vibrations (induced by the shocks with the ground) are reduced. By limiting these vibrations, COMPRESSPORT® will reduce muscle damage, delay muscle fatigue, improve prolonged performances and prevent delayed muscle soreness.

The risk of tendonitis, shin splints and muscular injuries is decreased. Compression will provide an effective support and ensure less stress on joints & tendons! *

By activating cutaneous and muscular receptors, COMPRESSPORT® compression clothing will enhance the proprioceptive feedback. Consequently, body posture, during exercise will be improved.

After Exercise.

Wearing COMPRESSPORT® during recovery will activate blood flow thus increasing oxygen supply, eliminating toxins faster and preventing swelling. **
Consequently, secondary muscle damage, inflammation and muscle soreness are reduced and subsequent performances during competition are improved!

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1 - 3 of 3 Products