IZUMI V Super Toughness Track Chain From  £65.99

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5.00 out of 5 stars
nagmok from United States Of AmericaOwner01 July 2014 03:35
This chain is so well made I'm done buying chains once and for all.

I didn't use the threaded quick link, instead opting to re-pin seamlessly…easy, because pins are solid non-mushroom. My way is pseudo-permanent, but easily opened using a breaker. You'll need a chain breaker anyway to size length during install, so i thought why not re-pin? Flawless strong reliable perfection.

Being used on a single speed hard tail all mountain 34/17 setup.

I weigh 210# (15 stone), and mostly just stomp pedals all afternoon. I would probably bend a crank arm or snap a pedal spindle before this chain breaks. the name Super Toughness is appropriate.

After initial minor adjustment, this chain has not stretched one millimeter in several hundred abusive hours. Its individual bushing design rolls SILENTLY.

Packaged in a sealed bag pre-lubricated. I use motor oil, and it's happy. On the bike, this chain attracts plenty of positive attention and looks like jewelry installed, nicely accenting a few nearby Titanium Nitride bolts, etc…just a touch of gold is okay.

Very highly recommended.
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