USE TR2 Clip On Aero Bars With Carbon Extensions From  £199.00

USE TR2 Clip On Mounts Includes

  • 2 x padded carbon arm rests with 2 different width settings and 2 different fore / aft positions.
  • 2 x Carbon friendly clamps for 31.8mm handlebars
  • 4 x aerodynamic spacers for height adjustments.
  • 2 x in-line clamps for mounting carbon aero extensions
  • 1 x adjustment tool.
  • 12 x M5 fasteners with countersunk heads
  • NB - all parts are high quality CNC'd aluminium with black anodized finish - the adjusters and tool have a red anodized finish. The carbon arm rests have a 3K weave with shiny lacquer.

Carbon aero extensions are available in

  • 20 degree Ski Bend
  • 30 degree Ski Bend
  • 40 degree Ski Bend
  • 50 degree Ski Bend
  • 40 degree High Rise Skj Bend
  • 50 degree High Rise Ski Bend
  • NB - Carbon extensions have a shiny lacquer over 3K carbon weave,

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