Cane Creek Viscoset Damping Headset Upper  £74.99

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31745BAA1069KEn stock1 1/8 Inch / EC34
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31746BAA1068KEn stock1 1/8 Inch / ZS44
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  • ViscoSet offers viscous damping to make bicycles safer by inhibiting the uncontrolled steering oscillation known as speed wobble. Speed wobbles are vibrations that start small and get worse due to harmonics. This frightening shimmy can affect the handling of any bicycle under certain conditions and is the result of many different factors. 
  • Utilizing specially designed damping plates above the bearing in the upper assembly, ViscoSet stops the oscillation before it can grow to a dangerous level. These micro-thin plates are inter-leaved in an encapsulated cartridge and connected to both the frame and the steerer tube. As they rotate against each other, a fluorocarbon gel between each layer provides viscous damping and stops the oscillation of the handlebars before it grows to a dangerous level.
  • Not compatible with frames have fully integarated headests.
  • NB - this replaces the upper part of the headset only.
  • EC34 model fits 1 1/8 inch fork steerer and frames required an external cup (EC34) headset - stack height of 22.2mm.
  • ZS44 model fits 1 1/8 inch fork steerer and frames with a 44mm headtube - stack height of 13.5mm.