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1 - 8 of 8 Products
ENVE was founded by a collection of cyclists, friends and innovators. They produce rims, forks, handlebars, seatposts and stems. Their carbon rims are designed engineered and manufactured in their USA facility at Ogden Utah.
ENVE engineers set out to produce the strongest, fastest, stiffest, lightest and most reliable wheels on the planet. Through materials, tooling and finite processes, they focus on designing features into each wheel that address the traditional weaknesses of carbon rims and ultimately result in a wheel that is strong enough to train on yet light enough to race on.
ENVE Composites’ patented process of molding in spoke holes is one example of how running continuous fibers strengthens the rims. Because carbon fiber gets its strength from continuous, unbroken fibers, ENVE routes the fibers around the hole which increases the strength of each spoke hole. This technique pays large dividends in the final product by allowing for a lighter spoke face in the rim without compromising strength. Because of this process, our spoke holes are capable of resisting higher spoke tensions which greatly reduces the risk of spoke pull-through during wheelbuild and on the road. Molded spoke holes also improve the quality of the wheelbuild itself. Because the fibers around the spoke face of the rim are 100% intact, spoke tension is distributed more uniformly around the rim. This makes it easier to build a wheel with even tensions, as well as produce a higher quality wheelbuild that will require less maintenance down the road.