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Campagnolo Brake Pads For Pre 2000 Record/ Chorus - R1134300
Campagnolo BR-BO500 Brake Pads For Carbon Rims
Campagnolo BR-PEO500 Brake Pads For Mille Rims
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Campagnolo BR-VL600 Brake Pads For Veloce/ Mirage - R1134825
Campagnolo Record Delta Brake Pads - BR-REDE
Campagnolo Set of 4 Brake Pad Retaining Springs - SR001
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Campagnolo Super Record BR-SR500 - Brake Pads for Aluminium Braking Surface (4 pcs).
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Campagnolo Logo Campagnolo have been making innovative high quality bicycle components since 1933. Based in Vicenza in Italy, they produce components and wheels to cater for road, time trial and and track bicycles. Campagnolo components have long been renowned for their durability and their high aesthetic value. They were the first manufacturer to introduce 10 speed shifting (in 2000) and 11 speed shifting (in 2008). Campagnolo was the first major bicycle component manufacturer to extensively use carbon fibre, titanium and CULT ceramic bearings.
Currently top of their range is the Super Record groupset which is available in EPS electronic and standard cable operated versions. Their Record and Chorus groupsets share the same functionality as Super Record but use less titanium and carbon fibre so weigh slightly more.