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A bicycle is only as good as its chain: it’s the link between human power and forward motion. Yet surprisingly few high-end equipment users are aware of the enhanced shifting precision, reduced wear on expensive drivetrain components and the extended chain life offered by a top quality chain.

Be it mountain bike riding over rough terrain, leading the peloton on a racing bike, or en route with a trekking bike – with a Connex bicycle chain, gear changing will always be effortless, quick, and precise. 

Connex chains are precision made in Germany from selected high-quality materials to withstand enormous strain with minimal wear.  Each Connex chain comes with a Connex connector that can be easily assembled and disassembled in seconds – for most systems this is a tool-free process. 

Connex 11SX Chain With Stainless Steel Inner Links
Connex Connex 10S1 10 Speed Shimano Compatible Chain
Connex Connex 11 Speed Connecting Link - Reusable
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Connex Link 8,9 or 10 Speed Chain Link
Connex Wipperman Chain tool
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